Best Survival Kit

Up for sale here is a survival pack with just about everything you’ll need: survival knife (KA-BAR BK-22 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife with HD Polyester Front Pocket Sheath), magnesium bar, flint stick, pack of fuel tablets, 50′ of para 550 chord, strike anywhere matches in a water tight plastic container, a pack of water purification tablets, 3 mylar blankets, a Fiskars 14 in. Hatchet, Ontario Knife Company machete, a water purification straw, roll of duct tape, small tackle with lure, hooks and fishing line, 2 MREs, snare kit, hand wind up radio, compass, and a small medical pouch with band aids, gauze, stitch kit, ibuprofen, rubbing alcohol and Neosporin.

This is an excellent top of the line survival kit, giving you a great foundation for virtually all survival situations. Toss in your favorite handgun and some ammo and you’re set! This survival kit also allows you the flexibility to add a few more items you feel you’d want to have with you. You get everything listed above and comes complete with a nice fitting Draco backpack so you’re all set and ready if you needed to take it on the go.

Regular Price: $700.00

Sale Price : $645.00

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